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Kotok Productions
 We provide original music composed and produced by Mateus Kotok, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and songwriter with over 30 years of experience. Mateus’s music is inspired by his life experiences as a father of three daughters and a family man. With his sweetheart Kelly helping with the business management side, his latest album, “Notes of Appreciation”, is a reflection of this.

Mateus’s music is not only inspired by the ups and downs of life, but also his passions. He is a skater at heart and still loves to hit the streets, and his music reflects this punk attitude. If you’re looking for original music to fit any type of project, then look no further than Kotok Productions.

Notes of Appreciation 

Vault of Songs

Untamable Soul

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Welcome to Kotok Productions! Here, you’ll find the unique sound of Mateus Kotok, a multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience in music production and recording. His sound ranges from rock to reggae to fusion, but always with uplifting, positive lyrics. Mateus is constantly pushing the boundaries of music by creating something new and vibrant. Visit our site to hear his amazing music

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